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Are you open Year-Round?

YES, we have heated water risers for winter stays. If you intend to keep your water on, Skirting and insulating are a must for North Dakota winters. We have advice for do it yourselfers and info on contractors who help with these services.

Is there a trailer year restriction?

NO. In rare occasions management reserves the right to refuse certain tenants or campers

Do you allow dogs and is there a fee?

YES and NO FEE. Pets are permitted but must be controlled and have current shot records and be non-aggressive.

Do you have truck/camper storage?

YES. Trucks and campers may be stored for a fee. Call for more information.

Do I need a heated hose?

Yes if you intend to keep your water running, you will. We are responsible to get the water flowing up through the water risers. You are responsible to get it to your camper in liquid form.

How far are you from Walmart?

Walmart is on the North end of town and so are we, It is on average a seven-minute drive to Walmart.

How is the water?

Williston Fox Run RV Park is on Williams County Rural water services and is sourced from the Missouri River and treated. Not derived from wells which locally can have foul smell and taste.

Can I use the clubhouse for small business or safety meetings?

Yes, the clubhouse can be reserved for meetings. Just coordinate with management.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, for Safety reasons our property management group runs a background check, all we need is the info from your drivers license. Within 24 to 48 hours we will get a decision from our management group and then we will call you and set your reservation up.

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